Meet Tertia

At work I am empowered to… 

Change the world by enabling people to do great things.

Describe your role in one sentence…
I am an empathetic multipotentialite and I like cultivating multipotentiality, allowing me to drive digital transformation in complex business environments and manifesting successful outcomes.

You would describe your team as…

Simply the best team…the strength of the team is each individual and the strength of each member is the team.

Every project and role where I have experienced success can be credited to a high performing team. My current team is a diverse range of individuals across all aspects -  gender, race, culture, language, education, experience, background, age, and more. This diversity is what allows us to look at business problems with a fresh and unique perspective and craft the solutions that have allowed us to get the maximum value out of our platforms and teams, delivering on the business asks.


Best advice you have received while working at NTT Ltd…

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Making decisions and the mistakes that come along with making those decisions is the lifeblood of progression. If you are not making decisions, you are stagnating. To make progress, you only need to get every second decision right, whilst making no decisions means you are not making mistakes, not learning, not making better decisions, and hence not moving forward.

Skills you are currently working on…

Personally I am currently studying Eastern and Holistic Medicine.

Business learning is always focused on ongoing development of knowledge and studies in Digital Business Transformation, and Client Experience and UX design. Keeping abreast of the latest insights and practices on Agile Development Frameworks, ITIL and TOGAF enhancements, ISO quality practices and more, is a continuous series of learning activities.

Life-long learning is not an aspiration or goal, it’s a way of being.

After work we can find you…

With my family, with my camera, at yoga, hiking, learning or teaching….

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At work I am empowered to...
Use my skills and leadership style to help shape the best possible future for my team and the company.
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At work I am empowered to...
Continuously grow and develop. I am given generous boundaries and my abilities are trusted and believed in.
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At work I am empowered to...
Express ideas in product meetings and think out of the box.
Run projects independently by taking complete ownership.
Drive my own skill development plans.

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At work I am empowered to...
Enable myself to better serve our clients as well as the organization.
At work I am empowered to...
Recognize my capabilities, and upskill my knowledge by working in such a vast field of operation. I see every new project as a new challenge to learn, and as a security solutions architect at NTT Ltd., dealing with new fields and environments is an inseparable part of my daily routine. Being empowered helped me improve my self-confidence and efficiency that has led to a great increase in my team's productivity.
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At work I am empowered to...
Grow both professionally and personally. NTT Ltd., provides me with opportunities to showcase my skillset and make crucial, impromptu decisions when working with clients and to promote success for both the client and the sales team. I receive access to team resources and information relevant to our solutioning, is readily available. This allows me and my team to be proficient at what we do, which positively impacts our ability to deliver the best solution for the client based on the requirements of the opportunity.
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At work I am empowered to...
Think outside of the box. Confront challenges, to think differently, to take an atypical approach as needed, with collaboration and camaraderie, to achieve the end goal.
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At work I am empowered to...
Act freely within the NTT Ltd. strategy to shape my teams future and to develop in order to contribute to the success of our customers in the best way.
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At work I am empowered to...
To want to stand up for what is right and to be the voice of those who feel are not able to be heard.
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At work I am empowered to...
Take on new challenges and responsibilities, embrace change, and lead with purpose and a performance-driven mindset. 
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