​​​​​​​  Meet Shanae

At work, I'm empowered to… 

To want to stand up for what is right and to be the voice of those who feel are not able to be heard.

Describe your role in one sentence…

Being a Line Manger for the CA Team has created a platform to promote growth and encourage change.

You would describe your team as…



Best advice you have received while working at NTT Ltd…

Don’t take things too personally, it’s just business.


Skills you are currently working on…


I am currently working on my more creative side as since lock down, like many, I have had more down time to really think about what makes me tick and to listen to what my mind and body needs to strive to be the best possible version of myself. 


After work we can find you…


At home relaxing with the family, burning incense and sage to drive away all negativity and bad vibes. I sometimes attend gym classes and spend days cooking or baking.  

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At work, I'm empowered to...
Use my skills and leadership style to help shape the best possible future for my team and the company.
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At work, I'm empowered to...
Continuously grow and develop. I am given generous boundaries and my abilities are trusted and believed in.
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At work, I'm empowered to...
Express ideas in product meetings and think out of the box.
Run projects independently by taking complete ownership.
Drive my own skill development plans.

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At work, I'm empowered to...
Enable myself to better serve our clients as well as the organization.
At work, I'm empowered to...
Recognize my capabilities, and upskill my knowledge by working in such a vast field of operation. I see every new project as a new challenge to learn, and as a security solutions architect at NTT Ltd., dealing with new fields and environments is an inseparable part of my daily routine. Being empowered helped me improve my self-confidence and efficiency that has led to a great increase in my team's productivity.
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